Coronavirus Information

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Thank you for taking an interest in Exeter Railway Band, and in how we're keeping our audiences - and ourselves - safe during these uncertain times. Covid-19 has caused an enormous amount of disruption to brass banding throughout the UK, as it has to many non-professional groups, and we're delighted to be able to play together again.

We carry out all of our engagements and rehearsals according to the UK Government's guidance for non-professional performing arts groups, and follow the interpretations of the governing body for bands in the UK, Brass Bands England (more information here). While playing or rehearsing indoors, we take a range of additional precautions, including mandating a 'ventilation break' during rehearsals and ensuring adequate air circulation throughout.

Prior to each rehearsal and engagement, we conduct a thorough risk assessment, and have robust procedures in place in order to support contact tracing. Many of our members also undergo regular asymptomatic testing, and all members of the band are required to confirm that they are not experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms (asonmia, persistent cough, high temperature) before they arrive at any engagement or rehearsal.

Brass instruments cannot be played while wearing a face mask. Research under controlled conditions has suggested that playing a brass instrument releases significantly smaller amounts of aerosols and droplets than singing or speaking.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us via the links below.


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